menikmati_morte (menikmati_morte) wrote in poetsunite,

when the sandcastle grew legs.

let me clear the air a bit.

i gave myself like jesus gave his body,
like oprah gives money,
like Cornel gives thought
like Maya gives her gift of rhyme,
i gave my whole self.
i'm not bitter for the bad times
or losing the good
i'm not bitter that you showed your ass
from the suburbs to the hood
i'm not mad in the least that you
tried to find somebody else.
do the deed on his-space or her-space
telling me you need-space from my-space.
in case you didn't
i'm not upset.
i'm not giving you another verb, noun or punctuation
after these final words are said.
because the love i had deep inside
has been declared dead.
the places we would go are
now avoided like plague
because i'm not about to hear you say to me
"oh...have you met my boyfriend craig?"
or mike
or steve
or whatever the fuck he'll be
all i really know is that motherfucker isn't me.
the fear of commitment you said you had is gone
and you're finally able to give your heart to someone.
i can only hope he fills your world
with infinite joy, then sadness when it's all said and done.
see i built you up like a sandcastle
from the nothing you were when i found you,
but you have the audacity to try and walk away
with the structure and confidence i gave you?
you're going to take the sexiness i gave you?
the orgasms, the gifts
the time and shit that i gave you?
and find a someone new?
shit, you have no idea how
beyond i am from you.
i hope the next man gives you the pain i feel
i hope the tears of blood you cry are real
i hope the cancer he'll be turns your soul pitch black.
i hope you come crawling trying to get me back.
you're a fuck up
you're a taker
you're a creep.
you'll end up with a new guy by the end of the week.
but none of that shit matters because i'm so very through.
none of that shit matters because i'm proud to give up on you
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